Astro Locks Reading are specialised in a wide area of locks repairs. Our fully qualified and extensively experienced locksmiths have skills which encompass a wide area, meaning they will be competent and capable of resolving your issue quickly and efficiently whilst providing an excellent quality of service.

Our services include (but are not limited to)

  • Gain entry to windows, doors and cabinets
  • Repair or replacement of locks, night latches, handles or multi-point locking systems
  • Fresh fitting of new locks to wooden doors or windows
  • Repair or replacement of hinges
  • Adjustment of un-aligned doors
  • Gain entry to safes

Our locksmiths are fast, efficient and very knowledgeable about the products and in the identification of the issue at hand. We carry a variety of locks on our vans to ensure any problems are resolved quickly.

In the event you are locked out of your house or out of a locked item in your house we can open them for you. Our locksmiths will attempt to open the lock without causing any damage. In the unfortunate scenario where damage to the lock is incurred (often in the event the lock needs to be drilled out) the locksmith will often have a replacement lock on hand to ensure your property is secure. In the event you are locked out due to the key being left on the inside of the lock our locksmiths often utilise a letterbox tool to open the door. It is a useful method with a high success rate.

Rather than the replacement of a lock you may be more interested in the complete installation of new locks from scratch. We are happy to install new locks to wooden windows or doors and will include two keys with the new lock. The type of lock is up to you. From new Yale barrels and night latches to new digital code locks, our skilled locksmiths are on hand.

If your window or door has dropped or is difficult to pull to there may be a hinge problem or it may just be out of alignment. Our services recently expanded to include this type of work. Our locksmiths will attempt to repair the faulty hinge or replace it like for like if work which is more extensive than simple adjustment is involved.

Do you have a safe problem or have issues in accessing an item inside? Our locksmiths are experts at opening safes too. Priding themselves on their skill, efficiency and professionalism our locksmiths will open the safe for you promptly and with as little fuss as possible.

We are available 24 hours a day* for contact. Our friendly staff will answer your enquiries and provide quotations for the work you require. Upon booking of the work our engineers will be at your door within 30-90 minutes* to resolve the issue.


We understand that if you have been locked out of your property, it can cause you disruption to your day. This is why we have our speedy response of 30-90 minutes* to be out and get you back on your daily routine as soon as possible.


If you have recently had a break in, or are just unsure about the safety of your property then why not give us a call.

We can advise you and quote you on extra locks to assist your property in upholding its safety.

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